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This wiki is available to all students, staff and faculty at the IT-University of Copenhagen (ITU). As an ITU user you can login, create and administer your own wikis. You can also invite guests from outside ITU to join your wikis.

Before you start using wikIT, you are asked to read ITUs regulation regarding the use of wikis, blogs, course databases, web pages, etc. Note that there is no support function at ITU to help you with wikIT. You can refer the the general help function in Wikispaces or look in the Help Section for wikIT.

INFORMATION : You might have noticed a new "Add Discussion" box at the bottom of all of your pages. If you do not want this to appear, please go to Settings > General > Discussions and change the "One discussion tab per page" to "One discussion page for the whole wiki". Bear in mind, if you have already used the discussion feature on some of your pages, those posts might be deleted in the process.

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