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Then make a subheader with "Heading 2"

When doing a site like this, you will be able to integrate a TOC (Table of contents) like the one to your right. If you do not want a TOC, feel free to remove it from the page.

You can also have a Sub-subheader with "Heading 3"

Or any of the other headers, depending on how big you want the text to be.

Include tables - they are very limited in functionality, but works

Standard test table
Topic 2
Option 1

Option 2


Again, delete, if you do not need a table here.

NB! Remember to tag your pages logically. For instance: mainPageTITLE and subpages, mainPageTITLE_sub.
This way, you can keep your pages organized and get a sense of a hierarchy, even though WikiSpaces does not have any.

Other freeform taggin is also welcome, so finding information will be easier.

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