howto_icon_old.pngThis page will update whenever new questions about the wiki arises.
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1. Can I make sub-pages?

No, the pages does not have a hierarchy. Use tags to simulate page relations, as explained in the Navigation List section.

2. Can I restrict access to a single page?

Yes, select the page and go to the Page-menu. Select Permissions. From there you can make the page public, private or hidden.

3. I am using the standard ITU theme, but the left bar is green?

Sometimes when you apply the "Standard ITU Theme", it does not always transfer the customizable colors for background, menu, text, and links. To change those, you have to go to "Look and Feel" in the "Manage Wiki"-area of your wiki. Then click "Themes and Colors". The colors should be as follows:

Background: #e7e7e7, Menu: #e7e7e7, Text: #000000, Links: #000000

Now the look should be consistent again.

4. Can I change the look of tables?

Yes, but it requires that you have a bit of CSS knowledge. In your own wiki, go to Manage Wiki / Look and Feel. Here you will be presented with three parts of the wiki css: 1) Base Stylesheet, which is the default stylesheet for a wikispaces.net wiki. 2) Site-Wide Stylesheet Additions, which is the modifications we at the IT University of Copehagen have made to the default stylesheet. 3) Custom Stylesheet Additions - This is where you can put your modifications to the stylesheet to change how your wiki pages look and feel.

5. Can I hide pages?

It is not possible to hide pages so that only YOU can view the page. However, you can go to Page Permissions and chose Hidden, which means only Organizers of the given wiki will be able to view the page. If you are not an Organizer, you will be out of luck. Then everything you create will apply to the site wide permission defaults.

6. Creating new pages by copying content from other sites?

A good way to copy pages from other sites and inserting them into a wikit-
wiki, is to use the Wiki-Text Editor instead of the "Word"-like rich text editor. The reason for this, is that pasting pre-formatted pages into the Rich Text Editor makes the wiki attempt to decipher how the formatting is, which usually leaves a huge mess and makes it hard to work with the page afterwards.

In order to enter the Wikitext Editor, you have to click the little arrow button next to the Save-button. From there, you can choose the Wikitext Editor. When you have pasted your content into your page using the Wikitext Editor, hit save and you will see a format-less copy of the page you copied. Now all you need to do, is to enter the edit mode again, by clicking Edit and format the page to your liking, using the different headers, lines, etc.

7. How do I invite external members to my wiki?

7.1. Inviting people to your wiki

  1. Open your wiki
  2. Click on “Manage Wiki”
  3. Click on “Invite People”
  4. In the “Send to” area, type the email address of the person (or several people – remember to divide by comma) you want to invite to your wiki (You can invite both people with an ITU e-mail account and people with an external e-mail account)
  5. (optional) In “Your Message” you can edit the text to make it more personal
  6. Click “Send”

7.2. How the ITU invitee joins

  • Receive email invitation
  • Click the link: “To join the wiki, please visit: *”
  • Choose “ITU login” in dropdown menu
  • Type in your ITU username and password
  • Press “Sign in”

7.3. How the external invitee joins

  1. Receive email invitation
  2. Click the link: “To join the wiki, please visit: *”
  3. Click the link: “create an account” to create a new wikispaces account at wikit.itu.dk
  4. Fill in your new Username and a password (your email address will already be supplied in the “Email Address” field)
  5. Click “Join”

Now you will be automatically signed in to wikit.itu.dk and presented with the main wikIT page. To access this new wiki, click its name under “Your wikis”. You have now successfully joined the wiki you have been invited to. If you are invited to any other wiki from now on, use the username and password you created this first time. And when logging in, always remember to select “Wikispaces Password” in “Sign In Using” option (Not ITU Login).

9. How to add files/pictures to a page

To insert a picture or any other file on your page, you need to click the "File" button. Then upload the given file from your computer or chose an external source (direct link to a picture online). When the picture has loaded, you need to click the picture in order to insert it on the page. Now your picture should be on the page, and if you click it once, a menu should pop up and give you options for resizing, aligning, adding captions, etc.

9. Images load slowly

When inserting images on your wiki pages, you have the option to adjust the size of the displayed image. This change in shown size does not change the actual physical size of the image. In technical terms, a "small" picture on your wiki could take up as much as 5 megabytes of space, since it is a big image that is displayed smaller than it is. A "small" picture generally should not take up more space than 100 kilobytes (0.1 megabytes).

To make the images on your wiki site load faster, resize the pictures on your computer before you upload them to the wiki. If you do not know how to do this, you can use online services such as ResizeYourImage.com, where you upload your picture, select how to resize it and hit "resize". Then you can download the new, smaller image and upload it to your wiki site.